Brewery Events:

Come out and enjoy our farm, greenhouses, and beautiful scenery. Always family and pet-friendly!

When / Where:

Thanksgiving Farms Garden Center

1619 Buckeystown Pike

Adamstown, MD 21710

Food is from 12-4p and Music is 1-4p.

Jun 26: Mayta’s Peruvian; The Wharf Rats, Live! (music)

Jun 27: Three Daughters

July 3: Pop-up Poutine; Bodine Brothers (music)

July 4: Independence Day Holiday! Matto-Press; The Brahman Noodles

July 10: Wrapped in Pita & Love and Snowball Waterfalls

July 11: Grilled Cheese, Please! and Snowball Waterfalls

July 17: Whistle Punk Farm; Sookey Jump (music)

July 18: Whistle Punk Farm; Red Sammy (music)

July 24: Traditional Authentic Mexican

July 25: Traditional Authentic Mexican’s new truck!

July 31: Wrapped in Pita & Love

Aug 1: Whistle Punk Farm; Hannah Goad (music)

Aug 7: Arepa Queen and Snowball Waterfalls

Aug 8: Whistle Punk Farm and Snowball Waterfalls

Aug 14: Rollin’ Smoke; Julia Kasdorf (music)

Aug 15: Matto-Press; Brahman Noodles (music)

Aug 21: Wrapped in Pita & Love

Aug 22: The Garage

Aug 28: Pop-up Poutine

Aug 29: Three Daughters

Sep 4: Rollin’ Smoke

Sep 5: Hog It Up BBQ

Sep 11: Boxcar Burgers and Snowball Waterfalls

Sep 12: Boxcar Burgers and Snowball Waterfalls

Sep 18: Traditional Authentic Mexican

Sep 19: Whistle Punk Farm

Sep 25: Arepa Queen

Sep 26: Traditional Authentic Mexican’s new truck

Oct 2: Matto-Press

Oct 3: Three Daughters

Oct 9: Whistle Punk Farm

Oct 10: Mayta’s Peruvian

Oct 16: Rollin’ Smoke

Oct 17: Traditional Authentic Mexican

Oct 23: The Garage

Oct 24: Hog It Up BBQ

Oct 30: Pop-up Poutine

Oct 31: HALLOWEEN! Traditional Authentic Mexican

Nov 6: Rollin’ Smoke

Nov 7: Grilled Cheese, Please!

Nov 13: Traditional Authentic Mexican

Nov 14: Whistle Punk Farm

Nov 20: Arepa Queen

Nov 21: The Garage

Nov 27: Mayta’s Peruvian

Nov 28: Whistle Punk Farm

Dec 4: Rollin’ Smoke

Dec 5: Traditional Authentic Mexican

Dec 11: The Garage

Dec 12: Matto-Press

Dec 18: Boxcar Burgers

Dec 19: LAST DAY of 2021!! Boxcar Burgers

Mad Science Brewing Company

at Thanksgiving Farm
SINCE 2015